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We observe, then we solve. We create, so we evolve.
We define, and therefore we design. We grasp, and we brand.

Our methodology integrates research, analysis, design and strategy to best nurture the studios' projects and define them with the upmost care. We take the time to study a project's needs and develop distinctive design that reflects the brief's objectives.



Brand Strategy, Development and Identity Design

Brands have the power to target human emotions, their visual presence is key to creating such interactions

In fast pace era, brands need strong foundations. Creating outstanding and long-lasting identities is much more than designing a simple visual system. It's about creating a life around the brand. Giving it a personality that expresses itself through visual elements, and schooling it's path to a final product, ready to be released into the outer world. Through thorough research, we define a brands life-line strategy, finely tune its visual communication channels, and design its entourage.

Creative and Conceptual Direction

Remarkable interactions between a brand and its audience are created with felt experiences

We use creative thinking to create memorable experiences and interactive solutions. We help our clients creating strong customer experience by thinking outside the box and pushing cognitive boundaries.


UI, UX and Digital Interface Design

Immersing your audience in a digital world, is key to gaining their trust

Our current society lives two different worlds: the tactile world as we know for millions of centuries, and the digital world. It's full of colours, visuals and experiences, putting web visitors into a new fabricated lifestyle. Therefore, how best to attract more viewers then to offer them an immersive digital experience. Munki evokes itself to designing the whole general layout for a web experience.

Print and Packaging Design

We are originally Print lovers, we enjoy examining the minor details and finishes on packages

We believe that tactile and printed products are a very strong way into capturing an audiences' attention. We pay up most attention to small details, crafting prints with fine care and personalised touches to produce eye catching results.


Latin – Arabic Identity Design and Mimic

Typography is a language we all communally share and speak, it's universal. And we believe this should be respected in a brands visual presence if its aim is to increase it's global presence

When brands expand to new horizons, their visual elements need to adapt to its new surroundings. Entering a new market, most of the time, requires visual key elements to be translated to the new markets language. Munki ensures this translations respects the brands visual guideline and story; as well suggests, and help suggests market approach strategies for certain Arabic and European markets.