Zebra – Immersive and Interactive Events
November 26, 2019
Qbara Restaurant Compilation
December 9, 2019
parallax background
Project Type:
Branding and print design

Street Artists:
Ihab Ahmad
Eli Zaarour

Design Collaboration:
Cristian Castellon

Art of Change Studio

Embellishing destroyed urban areas

Art of Change is a movement and gallery funded by Ahla Fawda, a Lebanese charity organisation and Where There’s Wall. Their aim and objective is to use street art to glorify and embellish areas affected by poverty and war. They pride themselves to work on an international level, collaborating with artists and similar organisations across Europe and Asia.

A clear challenge during the brief, was to find a common point between a physical gallery and urban art, and being receptive to all their sub components. The team at Munki achieved to create an identity so simple, it was seen to be playful and elegant, modern and classy, and acted as an invitation to all type of social classes and believes.

The brand's yellow colour and the asterisk act as strong tools AC can use across any desired media, for information, slogans and so on.
parallax background
parallax background