Limestone Capital AG
November 26, 2019
Zebra – Immersive and Interactive Events
November 26, 2019
Project Type:
Branding and Packaging Design

Chocolate Goat

A healthy and fun way to graze

Australian based chocolate company, Chocolate Goat, offers a new concept to worldwide treat; chocolate made out of goat milk. The product promises a healthier and more enjoyable approach to the sweet bar.

We wanted to show the brighter side of enjoying this new chocolate craze; the more earthy and organic approach is defined by the outer packaging, having a texturised touch with a cardboard feel. The visual identity is a playful take on a geometric forms, thus acting as an invite to all class ages to enjoy the chocolate bar. But this wasn't all, CG wanted to show that this new concept has always been around but has just resurfaced to light – therefore the logotype has the organic curves to underline the concept with a touch of classic stems to show its historical presence.