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November 21, 2019
Ramen Otaku
November 24, 2019
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Project Type:
Branding and Identity Design, Print and Web Design

Design Collaborator:
Cristian Castellon

¡Es La Polla!

Buy condoms like never before

If you are familiar with the Spanish language and it's expressions, then you would be familiar with the name of this new condom brand, ¡Es La Polla!. Based in Barcelona, but with distributions all over Europe and the United States of America, ¡Eslapolla! is an online subscription based brand. Viewers and customers are invited to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to the online shop and choose the preferred methods of delivery. The brand also offers sex toys amongst other safe products.

Having such a strong brand name, this opened doors for the design team. A "carte-blanch" to play around with the brand name and it's visual elements, made the design journey and process a really interesting one.

Design Collaborators: Cristian Castellon
parallax background