Caskadia – Vinos Finos
November 26, 2019

We craft logos that empower your business values.

Events & Nightlife

Upperhour Events

A new fresh concept for daytime events

When early morning and daytime events are viewed as dark and trashy moments, Francesca Lombardo takes upon a new angle and freshens up the destroyed view. Upper Hour offers events in broad day light, celebrating under the sun rays in a full spectrum of colours. The events are usually held in different open spaces around the globe with quality artist booking within the electronic and techno world.

We designed a versatile logotype, that can be used for all occasions and cities. A minimalistic and geometrical form, with annotations to signs and symbols that can further be used within the visual language of the brand.


It Is 3D

First 3D printing exhibition

A brief collaborated with Saatchi & Saatchi X, the identity talks for itself. A notable 3D like construction is represented with geometrical elements. The colour scheme chosen is a celebration of a new discovery.
Events & Nightlife


Your mobile beverage bartender

Miu is your personal mobile bartender and bar. The concept mobile bar is a service found in the UAE and is basically a small bar service that can be pre-ordered for events and caterings.
Household Product


Placing an Arabic mirror to a Latin logotype

Designed in collaboration with Point Bleu Agency, Sany household products get its Arabic version. A challenge that often comes to light during similar briefs, is adopting a mirroring orientation to an Arabic design that mimics a Latin version.
Music and Record Label

Pine Records

A record label with a meticulous focus

Pine Records was founded by three close friends. The name refers to the street that they used to live on and throw their first parties during college studies. With a focus on electronic music such as minimal and techno, a notable signature element from their releases, is the attention in achieving a crisp and clean sound with all their vinyl and digital releases. The brand design is based upon a close up on electronic sound wave length whilst creating an optical play.
Film, Movies and Post Production


Post Production fun

Gizmo is a London based film post-production studio. They concentrate on colour re-arrangements and adjustments for short clips and ads. This design was part of many other entries, and was unfortunately not chosen. But never the less, we at Munki enjoy showcasing work that we strongly believe are attractive and pleasing to see.