Ramen Otaku
November 24, 2019
Future Bright CBD
December 8, 2019
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Project Type:
Brand Design and Identity Development, Art Direction, Print and Social Media Design

Francisco Quilez

Snoopy-Con by Snoopy Beats

A Comic-con inspired event

For their Halloween 2019 event, Snoopy Beats took inspirations from their childhood eras to come up with, what would soon be, an event packed with imagination and creativity. The organisation founders are great comic book fans, which made it easy for them to explode on the strategic market path for their halloween celebration. Thus, Snoopy-Con, inspired by the famous yearly event, Comic-Con. A gathering of all cartoons and comic through-out the century.

FUN, the best word to describe the process and moments during this project. Yes, the team at Munki were reverted to children with full permission to use their creativity. Reviving all time superheroes, as well as introducing current stars, into the mix. The playful process was indeed in parts a challenge as to keep a certain image, as well as insuring a strong viewer invitation to the upcoming event.
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