Chocolate Goat – The Healthier Way to Graze
December 8, 2019
Qbara Restaurant Compilation
December 9, 2019
Project Type:
Branding, print and digital design

Laura Esteban Norat
Alessandra Tootsie Tulli

Federico Del Pero
Terence Tabouillot (23 Production)

Zebra Events

Creating an adult playground

Always digging ways to offer new interactive moments, Zebra believes that with the power of sound and visuals can create beautiful settings for their audience. The Barcelona born events organisation are well know within the Spanish city for providing quality house music as well as creating interactive and immersive surroundings. Their moto is to create an atmosphere where the audience is fully immersed.

The brand name Zebra already speaks for itself – it opened a wide range of playful ideas and concepts to manipulate in order to create an attractive identity. As the brand defines itself as being wild and classy, the iconic logo embodies both the animal pattern and an eye that acts as an invitation or a tease.